Health Screening Singapore for men deluxe premium


Health Screening Singapore for men deluxe premium

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Love yourself, Love your family.

Health Screening Through us for More Privilege .

Deluxe Premium Men Package

Welcome to : ) Health Check Wellness Clinic : To have your health screening done through us in Singapore, make the booking now at HealthScreening.Sg


This is one of our package that cater for men health screening


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Deluxe premium men package - cater for men health screening


Deluxe Premium Men Screening Package  

Stay conscious about one’s health and enjoy peace of mind with routine health check ups. Sign up for one of our  Deluxe Premium Men.


Having your health Screening in Singapore?


All our packages are open to all Singaporeans and foreigners.


Make a Booking now to make the arrangements to book the health screening package of your choice for your Deluxe Premium Men .


Deluxe Premium Men


We have very limited of time slots ( Monday to Saturday 8.30 to 11.30 ) , hurry and book your appointment now 7 days in advance !

Price : $868.00
Usual Price: $1200.00
With only limited appointments available for booking every day, reserve your preferred date and slot to prevent disappointment!



Deluxe Premium Men Health Screening


# Examination / Review by Doctor
# Doctor Interview on Medical History
# Physical Examination by Doctor
# Body Fat Measurement
# Body Mass Index
# Medical Report
# Pre & Post Medical Examination Review
Laboratory Analysis


Haematology 血液检查
Haemoglobin 红血素
Total white blood 白血球计数
Polymorphs 嗜中性白血球
Lymphocytes 淋巴球
Monocytes 单核白血球
Eosinophils 嗜酸性血球
Basophlis 嗜硷细胞
Total Red Blood 红血球计数
Platelets 红小板
Haematocrit 红血球压积
MCV 红血球平均压积
MCH 红血球平均含血红素量
MCHC 红血球平均含血红素浓度
ESR 红血球平均沉绛率
Peripheral Blood Film 血片检验
Blood Group 血型
Diabetic Screen 糖尿病检查
Glucose 血糖
Kidney Function Screen


Urea 尿素
Creatinine 肌酸酐
Lipid Screen 血脂检查
Total Cholesterol 总胆固醇
Triglycerides 三酸甘油酯
HDL Cholesterol 高脂胆固醇
LDL Cholesterol 低脂胆固醇
Total Chol/HDL Chol  Ratio 总胆固醇与高脂胆固醇比率
Liver Function Screen 肝胆功能检查
Total Protein 总蛋白质
Albumin 白蛋白
Globulin 球蛋白
A/G Ratio 白蛋白/球蛋白比率
Total Bilirubin 总胆红素
Alkaline Phosphatase 碱性磷酸盐酶
SGPT/ALT 谷丙转氨基酶
SGOT/AST 谷草转氨基酶
Gamma (GGT) 谷氨酰转酞酶
Thyroid Screen 甲状腺检查
Free T4 游离甲状腺素
TSH 促甲状腺激素
Hepatitis Screen  
Hep. Bs Ag B型肝炎抗原
Hep. Bs Ab B型肝炎抗体
Hep. A Ab A型肝炎抗体
Bone & Joint Screen 骨和关节检查
Urice Acid 尿酸
Rheumatoid Factor 类风湿因子
Venereal Disease STD (VDRL/TPHA) VDRL (TPHA if vdrl is rx) 性病检测
Urinalysis 尿液分析
Urine FEME 尿液检查
Stool Test FEME Occult Blood 粪便检验 潜血
Tumour Markers 肿瘤指数/标记
Carcinoembryonic Antigen 癌胚抗原 ( 大肠 )(CEA) - Colon

AFP (Liver) 甲胎蛋白 ( 肝)
PSA (Prostate) (Male) 总前列腺抗原 - 男性
EBV (Nose) 非洲淋巴细胞瘤病  毒  ( 鼻咽 )
CA19.9 (Pancreas) 胰腺癌
Scan & screening:  
Ultrasound Abdomen 超聲波胃腸和腹部
Threadmill ECG 跑步鍛煉重音ECG測試
Chest X ray   肺 x 光
Resting ECG 静状心电图


Venues:    Thomson Medical @ Novena 2 / Somerset Orchard -  / Raffles Hospital @ Bugis /


Refreshment Hot Drinks and breakfast available after withdraw of blood and completion of the screening.

Welcome to : ) Health Check Wellness Clinic : To have your health screening done through us in Singapore, make the booking now at HealthScreening.Sg


Make an appointment for your Neighborhood Clinic Deluxe Premium Men  health screening package today.


Your HEALTH is Important. Get your Health Screening done early!

Call 64259353 9 to 5 Monday to Friday Enquiry


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With Doctor Review and Privilege

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Health checks do not cost a lot, unlike what many people think. Health problems, if not detected early, will cause much more stress and monetary complications to one’s life and family. Early detection is key - remember the popular adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and live longer and healthier.


Both Chronic Diseases and Obesity are on the rise in Singapore. The top two killer diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer account for 60.5% of all deaths in Singapore (Source: Ministry of Health - Health Facts Singapore (2008) / Health Promotion Board). One in 10 Singaporeans or 10.8 per cent of the population is obese, up from 6.9 per cent, according to the latest National Health Survey 2010+. Being obese means having a body mass index of 30 or more, which greatly increases the risk of obesity-related health conditions such as heart and joint problems, diabetes and some cancers.


The good news is that both can be prevented and treated if detected early.


Make regular health screening with us part of your health regimen. Early detection and proper medical guidance can help minimize health risks, while keeping chronic diseases and obesity at bay. Take control of your health today!


We Provide FREE Blood Pressure and Body Mass Measurement with analysis.


  • Affordable and Non-invasive Health Screening Packages (personal and corporate).

  • Workplace and Corporate Health Screening

  • Health Awareness Talks on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases

  • Pre-screening risk assessment  

  • Healthy Cooking Talks FREE subscription to Health articles

  • Total Health Management Other Services Provided: Work Permit Health Check Employment Pass Health Check Rapid HIV Check


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Over 24 locations available and more island wide venue to be added Click here to see the available venue for the package you preferred. New venues will be added from time to time.


Two copy of reports will be presented to our customers within 7-10 working days


All reports will be explain

& review by Doctor.

Island wide locations with doctor review report

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Our office hour:

Office hours: - 9.30am-5.30pam Monday to Friday.

Appointment for

Screening hours : 8.30 / 9.15 am till 11.00 am only. Monday To Saturday.( kindly give 2 -3 weeks in advance if you book for Saturday slots)


Please Contact us after 3 working days if you still have not received a response from us!
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