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Love yourself, Love your family.

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Screening Test / Allergy Test .


Love yourself , Love your family .

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Our Allergy test is not by using  Skin Prick Test.


Allergy Test ( mainly on blood test for allergy test )


igE medicated allergy is one of the most common types of allergy. You may now take charge of the condition with these allergy test. Our Allergy test provides quantitative determination of allergy specific igE even at a very low levels with the excellent precision. No fasting or abstain from the anti inflammatory medications prior to allergy testing.

The customized packages of Inhalant, Food & Symptomatic panels to help you to know and identify with monitoring and manage with the allergic symptoms.






Allergy symptoms appear when the body's immune system begins to respond to a substance as though it were a dangerous invader (called an antigen or allergen).


Your body responding to a substance, a dangerous invader is it name as antigen or allergen.


Your immune system will sending specific defenders called antibodies to the entry site. The clash between allergen and antibody results in a release of chemical mediators, such as histamine, into the bloodstream. Those chemical mediators cause the reaction in your body, which produce the sign & symptoms responding.


Allergy Symptoms & Signs



itching eyes,





skin irritations

nasal stuffiness,

scratchy sore throats

nasal congestion


sometimes headache

hearing changes ( may cause )

Other less common symptoms

balance disturbances - uncommon

swelling face or throat tissues

respiratory problems




Inhalant allergens are those airborne particles which may cause asthma and/or allergy symptoms to appear. These allergens include
animals, dust mites, cockroach and micro-organism such as molds and pollens.


Test Code: INHALE1 $460

Inhalant Panel 1

Dust, Mites, Epidermals, Pollens - 11 tests

Cat Dander E1 | Epidermals
Dog Epithelium E2 |Epidermals
Dog Dander E5 | Epidermals
Cockroach I6 | Insect
D. pteronyssinus D1 |Mite
D. farinae D2 |Mite
Blomia tropicalis D201 |Mite
Bermuda Grass G2 | Grass
Bahia Grass G17 |Grass
Dust - Greer H1 |Dust
Alternaria alternata M6 |Micro-organism


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Test Code: INHALE2 $250

Inhalant Panel 2

Molds, Yeasts - 5 tests  6ml plain tube

Aspergillus fumigatus M3 | Micro-organism
Penicillium notatum M1 | Micro-organism
Alternaria alternata M6 | Micro-organism
Cladosporium herbarum |  M2 Micro-organism
Candida albicans M5  | Micro-organism


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Eczema is a medical condition that causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated. The most common type of eczema is known as
atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema.

Test Code: ECZEMA $460

Eczema Panel - 11 tests 6ml plain tube

Egg White F1  | Food
Milk F2  | Food
Cat Dander E1 | Epidermals
Dog Epithelium | E2 Epidermals
Dog Dander E5  | Epidermals
D. pteronyssinus D1  | Mite
Peanut F13  | Nuts & Legumes
Hazelnut F17 | Nuts & Legumes
Soya Bean F14 | Nuts & Legumes
Fish (cod) F3 | Seafood
Shrimp F24 | Seafood


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Paediatric & Common Panel - It is common that allergies first appear during infancy or childhood. The few paediatric and common allergies are skin rashes (atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema), asthma, allergic rhinitis and food allergies.

Test Code: PAEDS $480

Paediatric & Common Panel - 12 Tests 6ml plain tube

Egg white F1 | Food
Milk F2 | Food
Chicken F83 | Food
Anchovies (ikan bilis ) | F313 Food
Fish (cod) F3 | Seafood
Cacao, F93 (Cocoa) | Nuts & Legumes
Peanut F13 | Nuts & Legumes
Soya Bean F14 |  Nuts & Legumes
Wheat F4 | Nuts & Legumes
Corn F8 | Nuts & Legumes
Gluten F79 | Nuts & Legumes
Sesame Seed F10 | Nuts & Legumes


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Seafood allergy is an adverse reaction by the body's immune system to seafood. The most common type of seafood allergy is scaly fish and
shellfish allergy. The specific symptoms can vary amongst patients from severe anaphylactic reaction to asthma, abdominal symptoms, eczema or headaches.

Test Code: SEAFOOD $320

SEAFOOD PANEL - 8 Tests 6ml plain tube

Shrimp F24  | Seafood
Squid F258 | Seafood
Clam F207 | Seafood
Crab F23 | Seafood
Fish (cod) F3 | Seafood
Salmon F41 | Seafood
Tuna F40 | Seafood
Anchovies (ikan bilis ) F313 | Seafood


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ANY 5 TESTS - The below panels give you the flexibility to select a
group of 5 specific IgE tests for screening. Please tick the selected
panels on our Allergy Test Request Form to order the tests.

ANY 5 TESTS $250



3gIGE Total IgE IGE
3gH1 Dust - Greer H1 Dust
3gE1 Cat Dander E1 Epidermals
3gE2 Dog Epithelium E2 Epidermals
3gE5 Dog Dander E5 Epidermals
3gG2 Bermuda Grass G2 Grass
3gG17 Bahia Grass G17 Grass
3gI6 Cockroach I6 Insect
3gM1 Penicillium notatum M1 Micro-organism
3gM2 Cladosporium Herbarum M2 Micro-organism
3gM3 Aspergillus fumigatus M3 Micro-organism
3gM5 Candida albicans M5 Micro-organism
3gM6 Alternaria alternata M6 Micro-organism
3gD1 D. pteronyssinus D1 Mite
3gD2 D. farinae D2 Mite
3gD201 Blomia tropicalis D201 Mite
3gF4 Wheat F4 Nuts & Legumes
3gF8 Corn F8 Nuts & Legumes
3gF10 Sesame Seed F10 Nuts & Legumes
3gF13 Peanut F13 Nuts & Legumes
3gF14 Soya Bean F14 Nuts & Legumes
3gF17 Hazelnut F17 Nuts & Legumes
3gF79 Gluten F79 Nuts & Legumes
3gF93 Cacao F93 (Cocoa) Nuts & Legumes
3gF1 Egg White F1 Food
3gF2 Milk F2 Food
3gF83 Chicken F83 Food
3gF3 Fish (cod) F3 Seafood
3gF23 Crab F23 Seafood
3gF24 Shrimp F24 Seafood
3gF40 Tuna F40 Seafood
3gF41 Salmon F41 Seafood
3gF207 Clam F207 Seafood
3gF258 Squid F258 Seafood
3gF313 Anchovies (ikan bilis ) F313 Seafood


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Health checks do not cost a lot, unlike what many people think. Health problems, if not detected early, will cause much more stress and monetary complications to one’s life and family. Early detection is key - remember the popular adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and live longer and healthier.


Both Chronic Diseases and Obesity are on the rise in Singapore. The top two killer diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer account for 60.5% of all deaths in Singapore (Source: Ministry of Health - Health Facts Singapore (2008) / Health Promotion Board). One in 10 Singaporeans or 10.8 per cent of the population is obese, up from 6.9 per cent, according to the latest National Health Survey 2010+. Being obese means having a body mass index of 30 or more, which greatly increases the risk of obesity-related health conditions such as heart and joint problems, diabetes and some cancers.


The good news is that both can be prevented and treated if detected early.


Make regular health screening with us part of your health regimen. Early detection and proper medical guidance can help minimize health risks, while keeping chronic diseases and obesity at bay. Take control of your health today!


We Provide FREE Blood Pressure and Body Mass Measurement with analysis.


  • Affordable and Non-invasive Health Screening Packages (personal and corporate).

  • Workplace and Corporate Health Screening

  • Health Awareness Talks on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases

  • Pre-screening risk assessment  

  • Healthy Cooking Talks FREE subscription to Health articles

  • Total Health Management Other Services Provided: Work Permit Health Check Employment Pass Health Check Rapid HIV Check


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