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Health Screening Packages Booking Appointment

Gentle Reminders:

#1. All bookings with the exception of ‘Standard Basic Package’ need to be submitted 1-2 weeks prior to the preferred date and time slot.
#2. Standard Basic Package bookings can be submitted 3 working days before preferred date and time slot.

#3. No immediate payment is required upon submission (Regardless of Form or Format).
#4. It is Optional to make paypal payment while even chose
#5. Secure form for submission of booking.
#6. No GST will be added onto any of the prices stated on the website.

Please contact us after 3 working days if you still have not received a response from us!

Few ways to make booking appointment:

Secure form

Online Secure form: # This secure form is able to process multiple forms of online payment (credit card /debit card) payment as well as offline forms of payment, and lists out any other alternative payment mode. iPhone friendly, helpful for both corporate and individual accounts, as well as easily allowing group and/or individual booking - users can submit multiple particulars at one time within an individual account or corp account. This is a non-flash form may also feature Paypal payment options after submissions for payment.

Alternative simplified secure form: (One set of particulars per booking)

Secure simplified form for standard package submission #Click Here

Secure simplified form for deluxe # Click Here

Secure simplified form for Neighborhood deluxe # Click here

Secure simplified form GP Package # Click here

# Exclusive Deluxe Men Click here  | 

# Exclusive Deluxe Women Click here


# Our partners packages Click Here

The above forms are run on FLASH, (certain platforms such as iPhones or Macs might not support flash), and if you cannot see the form, please use any of these alternative form to send us your booking;

# Alternative Online Secure Form  Online #7. Click here or


#    PDF form

#  MS Word form

Plain Text Form

Please submit the above forms via fax or email to us, or simply SMS to (84841883) Please Include Name, IC, email, address, package, date, time)

Access the general form for all packages submission: by logging in to

All your booking particulars will be treated as strictly private and confidential, kept for internal use only. We assure you that we will never share or release any such information without your explicit consent to any third party. Your privacy is our top concern.

Gentle Note:

Submission in this cart requires an account registered with us.
All bookings will be made on our secure platform  ( https:// )
As of the current moment, the options of the payment are by cheque, cash, bank transfer (ATM / i-banking / e banking ) and online credit card payment by Paypal, all with No GST.
All prices are shown in Singapore currency.

Love Yourself, Love your family - Get your health screening done regularly to avoid future health complications. Click on the menu to continue.