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Terms and Conditions
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Thank you for your registration for a health screening appointment!

Your appointment date is not confirmed with your online submission - we will reply with an appointment confirmation via email within the next 2 working days.

Upon submission of the form, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed with the Terms and Conditions contained herein. Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions at anytime by posting updates and changes to the Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd website.

1. All details and particulars submitted are deemed to be be true, accurate and complete. Any incorrect information, errors in submission or incomplete forms submitted will lead to delays in processing time for the appointment.

2. By submitting the form, you acknowledge that you fully understand the package profile, the package prices posted, as well as the profile included on this website, and that you are fully aware of any applicable charges.

3. If you are making the appointment on behalf of your family member or next-of-kin, it is your responsibility to inform them of all package information, applicable charges, as well as the profile of the package taken.

3(a). All confirmation of appointments will sent to the person who will be turning up for the appointment and not the account used to book the appointment from.

4. All prices on this website, including the add-on items to the Health Screening Package, are not subject to negotiation or additional discounts.

5. You agree and understand that the Health Report will be reviewed by a doctor even if you have chosen the Standard Package.

5(a). All ‘Deluxe Packages’ stated in the profile that includes a doctor review (either Pre- or Post-review) will be included with the consultation upon report. Pre-reviews are as per the doctor’s discretion, while post-reviews are included with every health report.

5(b). All customers will need to bear the responsibility if they forgot to fast before their appointment date, and will have to understand that there will not be any additional remainder to fast after we have sent the email for the confirmation of appointment. The email will be the final reminder to fast before the night of screening date. Should the appointment holder fail to fast the night before as requested, he/she will be required to bear the cost of a second blood test on Diabetic Screen/ Glucose | Full Lipid Screen if necessary.

5(c). All cancellations will not be charged. However, we reserve the right to not take further appointments in the case of multiple deferments, changes in timing, or no show on appointments in order to avoid wastage of appointment slots.

6. You agree to inform us of any postponement or cancellation of your appointment by phone or email at least 3 working days in advance. Any postponement or cancellation of appointments in less than 48 working hours before the scheduled time, please call our hotline at 6425 9353       during working hours to inform us of the change, or send a Text Message (SMS) to 84841883 to inform us of the cancellation and change of appointment.

7. You agree that once the sample of either blood / urine / stool has been taken and sent for the lab test, there will not be any refund after payment, regardless of mode (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, cheque or cash).

8. You understand that there will be a 4% additional charge on top of the grand total if payment is made by online means (credit card or Paypal)

9. Verbal, physical, written or abuse of any other kind (including threats of abuse and retribution) will result in the immediate termination of service and cancellation of appointment. Should any such incidents occur, we will make a Police report and leave it up to the relevant authorities.

10. Refund policy: Refunds are available only if the appointment holder was not present for his/her health screening tests (e.g. blood test, diagnostic scanning). There will be no refund if the appointment holder has completed any of his/her screening tests. He/she will be required to pay the full amount for services rendered.

If any payment has been made before the screening tests, they will be refunded in full unless you had opted for a medical screening item that requires a deposit, which is non-refundable (e.g. the FDG PET Scan, which requires a deposit of $1000 plus prevailing GST).

Refunds will be made on request if the appointment holder cancels his/her appointment beforehand or did not turn up for his/her appointment.

No payment will be required if the appointment holder cancels his/her appointment beforehand or did not turn up for his/her appointment.

Paypal Payment: Any payment made via Paypal will be refunded in full (minus the 4% service charge) if the appointment holder fulfils the following conditions:

Refund request is made within 55 days after payment

Did not turn up for appointment and has not done any screening tests from our arrangement within 55 days of payment.  

If the appointment holder requests for a refund after the 55 days grace period, he/she will be refunded only the total package amount (forfeiting 4% service charge).

Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd reserves the right to refund or forfeit the 4% service charge on a case-by-case basis if we receive refund requests 56 to 60 days after payment.

There will be strictly no refund of the 4% online payment service charge if we receive your refund request from the 61st day onwards.

All payments must be made if the appointment holder has already completed all screening tests. If the appointment holder is unhappy or dissatisfied with our services, please direct all feedback or complaints to the staff at Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd so we may address it directly.

By using our services, you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions and refund policy.

Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions by posting updates and changes in the Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd webpage.

If need further clarification about the terms and condition please contact us via email.

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