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What is health screening?

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Health Screening Through us for More Privilege .

What is health screening all about?


What is Health Screening?

Health screening commonly means undergoing a medical check up, ranging from a simple and quick session, to a more comprehensive and in-depth procedure. More importantly, health screening helps anyone and everyone to get a good idea of their current health condition, and gives them a great opportunity to keep a close eye on any issues that might require rectification.

A great way to monitor your current health, and ensure you can take action before any complications might occur!

Health screenings usually involve a blood test and medical examination, with more specific scans diagnostic imaging available (e.g. Ultrasound, X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI, Radiology of ECG, Treadmill ECG, etc.).

A whole range of these procedures and scans are available to check for any abnormalities, and can act as an early warning system - allowing you to pursue further investigation, seek early treatment, receive required medication, or change your lifestyle and diet according to specialist advice! All these actions will do a great deal in helping to shift the odds in your favour, especially while one is on the borderline of chronic illnesses and diseases.

Why bother with health screening?

We all know that in this day and age, information is power. A medical check-up gives you the information you need regarding your health condition, as well as the power to act early, rectifying issues before any complications occur!

Many people neglect to go for regular health screenings (recommended yearly/every 2 years), and only choose to act when there are signs or symptoms of something wrong. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure - seeking treatment after something has happened runs the risk of facing more severe problems and consequences.

While a doctor and/or specialist might be able to help, they can only assist with fixing problems that have already happened - problems that will cost you valuable time, money and stress to you and those around you. Even if you are lucky enough to face conditions that are manageable, any amount of complicated treatments will create a large amount of stress to yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

What’s the big deal about these illnesses? I can simply take medication to treat and cure it even if it happens to me!

Cures to many illnesses and diseases are available, thanks to technology that is improving, and you might be able to be returned to full health. But are you willing to take this chance with the most precious thing you have - your health? Many diseases and conditions require constant maintenance to control, especially chronic diseases and illnesses (Chronic conditions being those that are persistent and have long-lasting effects).

Long-term treatment and medication might even result in multiple side effects such as a certain degree of damage to organs, and other problems caused from years of taking the drugs required. More importantly, no health condition will go away immediately. Medication cannot cure instantly and you will still have to suffer the problems that come with the health condition. Different individuals react differently to treatment, drugs, and a full cure often requires a healthy diet and improvement in lifestyle, to end the dependency on medication.

What should do to keep myself healthy?

A healthy lifestyle and diet is the must, and knowing your own health condition requires regular health screening yearly or every 2 years. By booking a session with us, you can choose the Health Screening Center / Health Screening Clinic / Hospital. We have options available for any individual budget and needs, and we provide comprehensive information covering the entire screening process and follow-up.

For more information, explore our site to check what location and packages are available to ensure that you always stay healthy!

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Health Screening do not cost a lot, unlike what many people think. Health problems, if not detected early, will cause much more stress and monetary complications to one’s life and family. Early detection is key - remember the popular adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and live longer and healthier.


Both Chronic Diseases and Obesity are on the rise in Singapore. The top two killer diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer account for 60.5% of all deaths in Singapore (Source: Ministry of Health - Health Facts Singapore (2008) / Health Promotion Board). One in 10 Singaporeans or 10.8 per cent of the population is obese, up from 6.9 per cent, according to the latest National Health Survey 2010+. Being obese means having a body mass index of 30 or more, which greatly increases the risk of obesity-related health conditions such as heart and joint problems, diabetes and some cancers.


The good news is that both can be prevented and treated if detected early.


Make regular health screening with us part of your health regimen. Early detection and proper medical guidance can help minimize health risks, while keeping chronic diseases and obesity at bay. Take control of your health today!


We Provide FREE Blood Pressure and Body Mass Measurement with analysis.


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